Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas Adventures.....

So, we're in San Diego (until the 29th) visiting with Greg's sister (Kristi) and her fiance (Trevor) (they're getting married in October 2009). We decided christmas night to get up early the day after and go to a casino out in Temecula (Pechanga to be exact) and then wine tasting. There was a poker tournament at 10 so we left at 8:30. Got there in plenty of time to register and then Kristi and I found a black jack table to spend some time at. The guys went up to play poker and we each sat down at a $10 table with $100. Kristi got her butt handed to her pretty quick and was down to $40 or so left within 6 hands. Yes, I did say 6- she didn't win a single hand. I was doing ok- I think I was down to about $70 or so. THEN 2 spots opened up at the $5 table next to us. We jumped tables and started play there. Kristi didn't fare so well there- she was broke by 11. I was up and down. At one point I had my $100 back plus $40 and was going to walk away when I got back down to $100- BUT then I had to double down which took some of my money out of the $100 and it just went downhill from there. Trevor got busted out of the poker game shortly after she lost her money at the table. I lost all my money but walked away with 7 $.50 pieces- I keep them while I'm playing so I know how many blackjacks I got- so, I got 7 and still walked away piss poor! After I busted out I went to find Greg and see if he was still in. Well, he busted out of the poker game too just about the same time I was broke. We TOTALLY suck!

After casino time came lunch and wine time. We went out to Ponte Winery out in the middle of NOWHERE and had a grubbin lunch- I got a pizza and it was DELISH! I love pizza anyway but this one was REALLY good. Then we went in to taste wines. I'm always the designated because I don't really like wine much. So, we get up to the bar to taste and it was $12 for 6 tasters. Not too bad. Trevor thought he kept getting gyped on the pours- no clue why- but I started watching and sure enough he was getting screwed. It was pretty funny. After Ponte we went to South Coast Winery- it's supposed to be the best winery in all of CA- OMG! I don't know what standard they used to determine that crap. It sucked. It was $12 for only 5 tasters and their wine was not that good (yes, I did take a sip here and there). We finished up there and they wanted more wine so we went to La Cereza where they had tasters $10 for 6 or $15 for 6 there and 6 at another. I told my drunkards this and they didn't hear me- apparently they all had alcohol ears by this point. Here they at least offered the DD (Dumb Driver) a bottle of water. So, I'm sitting there drinking my water and they're getting more and more trashed. Conversations were happening WAY too loud that should NEVER take place outside the home! We finished there and then went to "just one more" , Maurice Car'rie and it was $10 for 6 there also. We could have saved $5 per person (that's $15 total) had we just bought the 2 winery thing. OMG! So, by this point I'm pretty bored- they're pretty trashed and I'm ready to head out. I enjoy wine tasting for a few hours but after that I'm bored off my butt.

We headed back to LaJolla for Sushi on the Rock. I was driving, at night, in a town I don't know, in the dark (I have BAD night vision), and people DO NOT know how to drive down here! OMG! I almost ran people off the road- why do people not drive 85? We do in northern CA! So, we get to sushi. I had a freakin' panic attack! No idea why- PISSED ME off more than anything else. We had dinner, they got drunker, confessions were made (not sure I want to put them here just yet, I'm still processing), people cried (not me!), restaurant patrons stared at us. All in all it was pretty funny looking back on it.

So, I drove my trashed charges home. Greg crashes out, Trevor is in the bathroom yakking, Greg gets out of bed to yak and doesn't make it so he sprays his sister's walls and floors, she's trashed and cleans it up while yelling at Trevor to get out of the bathroom (not knowing he was yakking), all the while I'm laying in bed laughing my butt off. It really was funny. Is it wrong that I have no compassion for people who are drunk? I mean, really, they do it to themselves- why should I clean up after them? I chose not to get all trashed.

So, now it's almost 10 on saturday and the drunk boys are sleeping off the hang overs. I need to get a shower because we're going to go out to the Taco Shop and have some amazing mexican food- at least that's what I've been told.

Fun times in San Diego that's for sure!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I did it!

So, I woke up this morning and decided that if I was going to chop my hair that today was just as good a day as any other. I lovingly washed and combed out my super long tresses.

Then we drove to Sacramento for Jimmy to do the deed. He was a bit nervous because I didn't really give him a lot in terms of what I wanted him to do. Basically, it was "well, I don't want side bangs, not a fan of layers, it naturally flips out on one side so do what you can with it" After putting my hair into 4 pony tails (Greg said, "Why don't you wear your hair like that more often?" My answer, "Because I'm not 5 years old!") and braiding them Jimmy got out the shears and I didn't even flinch. The girl at the next station over just (we're talking like 3 days before) got her license so she was crazy nervous for me. I just sat there calmly and listened as he buzzed off my braids. It went pretty quick and after the first braid was off I knew there was NO turning back! I ended up with 13 1/2 inches to donate to Locks of Love

After he cleaned it up a bit and evened it out- which took FOREVER- he spritzed some shine stuff on it and sent me on my way. I LOVE it! We walked thru the mall and I kept shaking my hair around because it's so crazy bouncy!

That's about it. Tomorrow I'll get the response from my kiddos at work- we'll see how that goes! LOL

Friday, December 5, 2008

In need of a haircut!

Ok- So my hair is pretty long- we're talking like past the middle of my back. I'm going to chop it and donate it to "locks of love" but I'm not sure how I want to cut it. Anyone have suggestions? I'm tempted to go up to "Ben" - the guy who cuts my hair normally and have him "do whatever" to it. My parameters are no coloring, easy to take care of, drip dry. I'm sure I'll end up with a bob of some sort but I need suggestions for fun and easy hair cuts. HELP!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Olive Hyde Show

This is the flyer for the Craft Show I've entered into. My dad will be selling some wood stuff too! Check it out if you're in the area!

I think my dad will be taking my stuff (more bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cell phone charms, and bookmarks) to the craft show in Hayward the weekend of Dec. 13 and 14. I'll find out more about that and post later.

so, I suck at blogging!

Update on the wells fargo crap- I went to the one in Jackson fully intending on closing my acct. and going onto Gregs- It's not like I write many checks- I just need an ATM card to do my damages! So, I get there and the acct. guy was SUPER nice- he hooked me up with a free checking since it falls under the umbrella of Greg's acct. or something like that. So, I have a free acct. and the IDIOT on the phone is a total LAME person who should be fired!

Monday, November 10, 2008

3rd and final post of the day today

I have to vent about Wells Fargo and their crappy customer service and how I am just about fed up with federal institutions and their money management. I just got done chewing out the bank for a $25 service charge on an acct, which I was told would NOT have a service charge since we have 2 equity lines thru them and I haven't been charged a service charge for the past 4 months (since I changed my acct. over to this one) and then all of the sudden I get hit with $25!!! WTH? No email notification, no posting to my online banking site, nothing. The lame idiot on the phone told me that it was disclosed to me when I set up the acct. and that it probably wasn't getting charged because they gave me a "grace period" to make sure the acct. was set up correctly and that the fee cannot be reversed. Well, no it was NOT disclosed to me at the time, I even asked many times if I had to keep a minimum in my acct. or if there were any fees associated with it. The PMA lady told me that there was no minimum requirement since we have 2 equity lines. So, the stupid guy said that I can change my acct. to one where I have $75 each month transferred to my savings acct and avoid the service charge. I told him that was unacceptable. Then the guy tells me that if I keep $25,000 in my acct. the fee is waived. I almost fell out of my seat laughing at that one! He then told me that if I tied one of our equity lines to it that the fees would be waived but the only one that we owe money on is tied to Greg's acct and the other we don't owe anything on isn't able to be tied to an acct. since there's no balance owed! Again, I say WTH? I was SO supremely pissed off at this point that I asked not once but TWICE to speak with the supervisor. Finally the super came online and told me that my options were to have a transfer of $25 a month to my savings to avoid a service charge. I call him on this one since the other guy told me $75. Apparently there are 2 different accts. WHATEVER! Then he told me that I could have the fee waived with $100/mo direct deposit. Not a problem BUT I only get paid for 10 months so I'd be paying fees for 2 months! SOOOOO DAMN STUPID!!!!! I finally hung up on the guy after he told me that he couldn't reverse the service fee either.

So, on Wednesday, after I deal with children all day, I'll be going to the bank to close my acct. I refuse to pay money to have a stinkin checking acct! Greg told me that we'll just combine our accts. Really all I use mine for is to pay my visa and costco runs. I end up transferring all my money that goes into the acct. to the equity line. Rarely do I have anything over $100 in my checking anyway. BUT STILL! WELLS FARGO CAN KISS IT! I used to work for them and they were WAY better than the service I received today! I even got cranky and talked to the supervisor who told me a DIFFERENT thing than the guy I was talking to. WHATEVER! I'm closing my acct and getting the money refunded. The support guy AND the supervisor told me that they cannot reverse the service fee! WTH? I'll get that reversed. KISS MY BUTT WELLS FARGO!

Ok- now I feel better. Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm sure it's not the end of it! NO ONE comes between me and my $$!!

2 posts in one day???

So, I decided on taking pictures of my stuff to upload to etsy and get that rolling along. Well, easier said than done! I tried taking them outside but all the backgrounds were too busy. Then I tried just laying them on a cloth and projecting light at them but that didn't work either. So, I searched around the web for ideas and then it hit me! Use a file folder crate insert thing as the frame and cover it with a white fabric and shine light in on the sides and top. I did it and I think it worked OK. I need to get some real white fabric, the stuff I used was a silver lame table cloth so it was a bit too opaque. BUT I think I've found something that will work for me! YAY!

ah... blissful day off

I'm on day 3 of a 4 day vacation. Gotta love a double weekend! No students, no issues, no drama for 4 whole days!

I'm trying to figure out how to fill the remainder of my weekend. Saturday we got beer making stuff, wandered Stoneridge Mall, had a great dinner w/my sis and parents and grandparents for her b-day. Sunday we went grocery shopping and then home where Greg cooked the day away making beer, soy nut brittle (which turned out better than the previous batch that had cayenne pepper and cinnamon in it), and fried rice for dinner. I got to be all crafty and stuff while he was doing that and finished up a pair of earrings for a teacher at school and a set of wedding pillows I've had hanging over my head for about 4 months. I then got to play around on the computer until the Kings game started at 6. I crashed out under my blanket with my sweetness Mr. Kitty in the Lazy Boy Recliner during the 3rd quarter and woke up to find King of the Hill on and the news that the Kings actually beat the Warriors by like 20 points! Stayed up for Family Guy and American Dad and then hauled my sorry but to bed.

Woke up this morning and got caught up on my crafty TV shows while Greg slept. Finally crawled out of bed at 8:30 to pill the cat and get a shower. Since then the cat's been fed raw meat since he won't eat ANYTHING other than baby food (how he gets his pill) and raw beef/steak. We tried broiled chicken that's been pureed to be like babyfood but he STILL won't eat it! I don't know what we're going to do with him. He needs to eat but doesn't want to. Anyway, Greg's making stew for us today for dinner- I love that he cooks! After that I'm at a loss of what to do. I could do in and finish cleaning up my mess of a scrap room, I could take pictures of my stuff and get them up on my etsy site that currently has NOTHING on it and I need to get some money coming in on it, I could waste time on the computer (been doing that all morning already), or I could be productive and get my power points done for school this week. Nothing sounds like much fun to me. I need some excitement in my life at the moment. Tomorrow promises to be just as fun filled I fear. :)

So- that's my rant. I need to find something fun to do!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

OMG! My life.......

ok for my life at the moment- be forwarned- it's SUPER LONG and rambling:

Yesterday I left the house for work at 7:00 AM (it was still dark out here), taught all day, and then had to deal with the "fall festival" until 8:30 last night. Well, I was knee high in science notes that I was trying to get graded and trying to figure out how the heck I was going to run 3 booths at the festival all at the same time when I looked up and saw 3 of my ex-students (now seniors in HS) standing there asking me if I needed help. OMG! I jumped up and hugged them! They needed hours for CSF (California Scholarship Federation) and I needed people to work. They couldn't have come at a better time! So, I walked them over the one of the 3 booths I was in charge of and put them in charge. It was the dessert booth (and I know they LOVE desserts- but they're so super skinny!). Then 2 more of their friends showed up and I put them to work there as well. As I was walking out I realized that one of the parents (super involved at the school) was running my BINGO booth for me (SCORE!) and the TPC membership booth still needed someone. At that moment 2 more of my ex-students came up looking for something to do for hours too- well, they got stuck at the membership booth all night. So, back I went to my classroom to get some of those stupid notebooks graded and just as I was finishing up with the 1st period notes I realized that it was almost 4:30 and I had to get out there and there was no way for me to finish grading notes and I refuse to bring them home. SO, I had a shot of GENIUS! I remembered that we're going to be on a field trip for 2nd and 3rd periods on Monday and that I wasn't going to do science on Monday with 4th period, we're going to do math instead since we need to keep on pace. SO, I got out of grading those, they're still sitting on my desk waiting for me to do on Monday during prep. Out I went to the fall festival. It went awesome, my class made a buttload of $$. At the end of the night we had parent drama with one who was upset about being referred to as a "mommy" (NOT BY ME THANK GOD!)- I see nothing wrong with this but evidently she didn't like being referred to as a mommy in the statement "I'd like to thank all the mommies and daddies who helped us out tonite for all their hard work"- SHE WAS BEING THANKED! OMG! So, talked to the principal about that one so he's not blindsided by it later. Then I walked out to get in my car, by then it's about 8:45 or so. Hit the unlock and it unlocks, jump in DYING to go home, turn the key and NOTHING. No clicks, no nothing. Dome lights were on but dim, headlights were a no go. So, I'm thinking my battery is dead and I just need a jump to get home. I go in search of a pair of jumper cables (mine were stolen when my car was broken into AT SCHOOL last year and I haven't yet replaced them)- one of the dad's ran home and got his out of his barn (yes, he said they were in the barn!) and came back to try to give me a jump. Well, after 10 min of trying we gave up and I called AAA. I told them that I would probably need to be towed home (26 miles away) and that I have 100 mile towing on my car (THANK GOD!) but that I didn't have my card with me. They were able to look up my number and get me all hooked up. My principal was getting ready to leave and decided that he'd wait with me for the tow truck to show up. I called DH and he said he'd come down and get me since he didn't want to have me riding w/a skeevy driver :lol: but he was 35 min away! So, the tow truck showed up at like 9:15 and asked if I wanted to try to jump it again just to be sure. He hooked it up and I tried and it started! STOKED! Called up DH to tell him I was all good and on my way home but he was only 10 min away by that point so he came the rest of the way to school to follow me home. On the way home, my ABS light came on, then my batter light came on, then my radio kept turning on and off, when I'd turn on my brights the radio would shut off and come back on. Crazy electrical stuff going on there! So, I get home at like 10:15 (I usually crash out around 9ish) and I'm EXHAUSED but I have to pay back DH for being my knight in shining armor! So, then this morning he went out and hooked up the trickle charger and after leaving it ALL DAY the battery still wouldn't start the car. I think I need to get a new battery tomorrow!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Meyers-Briggs Personality Test

So, I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test again- I like to do this from time to time.
Here are the results:
ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Introverted (I) 51.52% Extroverted (E) 48.48%
Sensing (S) 58.82% Intuitive (N) 41.18%
Thinking (T) 52.78% Feeling (F) 47.22%
Judging (J) 56.41% Perceiving (P) 43.59%

I think I've changed since I was in collge- I used to be XNFJ. Interesting huh?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I got in!

So, I just got word today that I got accepted for selling at the Olive Hyde Holiday Craft Fair. It's a juried show so I had to pass a judging. Thanks to my dad for taking my stuff for me since I was playing designated driver for a brewfest yesterday. I'll post more after I find out what's going to be sold and all that jazz. Super happy about it tho! I'm making $$ off my hobby! What's not to love about that?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simon's Cat

This is the BEST cartoon EVER!

Check out youtube for other Simon's Cat video's!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

my cat is insane!

Make sure the volume is on and turned up! Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

He does this EVERY MORNING! Never a dull moment around here!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I gotta love Paris for this one!

My Mister Kitty!

He was a bit thirsty. Make sure the sound is turned on.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Greg's Bread

Greg made some really GREAT artesian bread last night for dinner. It's a beautiful loaf with a split top and crinkled surface and SUPER yummy! Tonite we're having it as grilled cheese. This morning we had it as toast. I have to say I think this is probably my most favorite crusty bread. YUM!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Am I a bad american?

Got this from my mommy- it's pretty darn good and speaks to how I feel!


I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American.

I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican!

I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!

I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American.

I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything.

I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English.

I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to..

My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer.

I don't hate the rich. I don't pity the poor.

I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or arguing about it.

I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven't burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you!

So, shut up already.

I believe if you don't like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country!


If you were born here and don't like it you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you.

I want to know which church is it exactly where the Reverend Jesse Jackson preaches, where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the problem and not the solution.

Can I get an AMEN on that one?

I also think the cops have the right to pull you over if you're breaking the law, regardless of what color you are.

And, no, I don't mind having my face shown on my drivers license.

I think it's good.... And I'm proud that 'God' is written on my money.image013.gif

I think if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don't want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years.

I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell me stuff or trying to guilt me into making 'donations' to their cause.

I believe that it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes two parents.

I believe 'illegal ' is illegal no matter what the lawyers think.

I believe the American flag should be the only one allowed in AMERICA !

If this makes me a BAD American, then yes, I'm a BAD American.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Camping Update

So, I survived the camping experience. We actually had FLUSH toilets so I survived the toilet issue. I did not however, get to take a shower until we got home tonite! It was one of the best showers of my life! OMG! Here are pictures of our trip. I posted them at flickr because it takes so long to upload to blogger (and I have 32 of them)- ENJOY!

We kayaked everyday, I read an entire book, got to eat marshmallows and hotdogs cooked over an open fire and cereal straight from the box. Roger and June camped with us Wednesday night and left Thursday night because their air mattress went flat and they ended up in the middle of it for most of the night. It's a good thing they left because our camp was visited by a bear last night. It got into our ice chest (which was RIGHT next to their tent) and ate my cheese, yogurt, hot dogs, and left over burgers. He pulled a full half gallon of Lactose Free milk out of the ice and tore it open and dumped it all over where Roger and June's tent was. At least he won't get sick from the lactose in milk! LOL He didn't like the butter so much nor my peaches, onions, or limes. Strange bear. He also didn't mess with the eggs which were in the top bin and sausages which were underneat the top bin. He did puncture my rubbermaid container (I could kill him for that) but left the snapware, containing carrots and celery, alone for some reason. We had all kinds of canned and bagged foods in the Sequoia with us and he didn't mess with us at all. The camp host said that a truck in the same campground had their door ripped off because they had an ice chest inside. Guess we got lucky!

Greg caught a fish on Tuesday afternoon from his kayak. He said he had 2 more but they got off the hook as he was trying to get them into the kayak. Roger went and got him a net and he used it Wednesday and today but didn't get any that were big enough to eat. Yesterday he got a 6" one and let it go because it was too small. Today he got one and it got away as he was trying to get his net around. He'll figure out how to kayak fish eventually- then we'll feast on trout!

I had a good trip but it's GREAT to be home! Mr. Kitty missed us and told us all about his adventures when we got him. He was quite unhappy with the fact that we'd been gone for 3 days!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going camping

I don't particularly care for camping, don't know if it's knowing that I won't get to shower and wash my hair (which is long) or if it's the lack of a flushing toilet and having to share the pit toilet/outhouse with various bugs and spiders or if it's the fact that I won't get to sleep in my comfy bed. It's probably all of that and more. So, we're off to camp for 3 days. Greg wanted more and I wanted less so we compromised at 2 and maybe 3 days. I will get to kayak daily which I haven't done in at least a year and I'll get in lots of reading time. Greg and I took the full size mattress from the spare bedroom and put it in the back of the sequoia (after we took out the back row of seats and flipped the middle ones up) and it fit AMAZINGLY well. At least I won't be sleeping on the ground in the dirt in a tent.

I like to think I'm not high maintenance. I don't wear makeup. I rarely ever do anything more than wash, condition, and comb my hair. I don't wear girly clothes that I'm afraid to get dirt on or ruin. I don't require expensive meals. I don't particularly like going out to dinner. BUT I'm beginning to think I'm a bit more than low maintenance. I like what I call my creature comforts- a hot shower daily, a flushing toilet, my computer, my TV, my craft room, and my cell phone. Is that too much to ask? So, off we go camping. I'm taking my camera and the water housing so maybe I'll find some fun stuff to take pictures of. Gotta remember to pack the sunscreen! No more burns for me this year.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Web Wandering

Today I was randomly roaming the web (as I tend to do since I can't stay on a topic for very long) and I came across a few really cool pages! One of them is Sally Jean's Think Pad page- the girl is AMAZING and truly an inspiration to me. The jewelery and stuff she makes is beautiful and very vintagey, which has an appeal to me eventho I like to have bright and blingy stuff too. The other belongs to a great gal in the UK named Vicki, she blogs at A Work in Progress and she does some really cool digiscrappy stuff. Her designs are gorgeous and they're a free download! Watch for her- she's going to be an up and coming new artist. Makes me want to get into digi just to use her things! Oh the inspiration I have. I hate that I can't just stay on topic and do one thing. I seem to have to try out everything that's out there and then acquire stuff to do it all. My dad and I want to start making my own glass beads too. Yet ANOTHER thing for me to play with. One day I'll be rich and won't have to work and then I can play all day at my crafty stuff and have fun. Right now I'm wondering how I'll ever get anything done that's crafty when school starts again (in a MONTH!) since I spend most of my day playing with my crafty toys. Yes, I do use all of the crafty toys that I own! Now, I'm off to figure out dinner!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

ok- so

I pretty much suck at this blogging thing. I'm trying to get the hang of it but will skip out on it for months at a time. I guess there's really nothing to terribly exciting going on in my life right now that I want to blog about. I have been posting on discussion boards but not posting topics/questions. I know blah, blah, blah boring old stuff. If you want updates click on the links in the places you can find me.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is my blingy necklace- it's sterling diamond chain, rhodium plated clasp and squares, circles, and chain. I used black diamond (?) swarovski and swarovski gray pearls with a swarovski graphic polygon and swarovski square. The wrap in the middle is a small swarovski pearl on sterling chain. Earrings soon to follow as soon as I get the beads for them.
Saw this jellyfish pendant and had to have it.
So, I made this necklace with my ultra cool pendant. It's got microsuede cording with
sterling wire wraps and sterling beads. The clasp is rhodium. Silver wire wrapped beads
are glass, swarovski pearls, swarovski round and czech glass, chain is sterling.
I LOVE wearing this necklace- it makes me smile. 8o)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

cemetery on the way to Oakdale on twenty-six mile (milton) road.
my sweet mr. sleeping on the bed in my scrappy room
can you guess?
valentine rice krispy treat from my honey.