Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going camping

I don't particularly care for camping, don't know if it's knowing that I won't get to shower and wash my hair (which is long) or if it's the lack of a flushing toilet and having to share the pit toilet/outhouse with various bugs and spiders or if it's the fact that I won't get to sleep in my comfy bed. It's probably all of that and more. So, we're off to camp for 3 days. Greg wanted more and I wanted less so we compromised at 2 and maybe 3 days. I will get to kayak daily which I haven't done in at least a year and I'll get in lots of reading time. Greg and I took the full size mattress from the spare bedroom and put it in the back of the sequoia (after we took out the back row of seats and flipped the middle ones up) and it fit AMAZINGLY well. At least I won't be sleeping on the ground in the dirt in a tent.

I like to think I'm not high maintenance. I don't wear makeup. I rarely ever do anything more than wash, condition, and comb my hair. I don't wear girly clothes that I'm afraid to get dirt on or ruin. I don't require expensive meals. I don't particularly like going out to dinner. BUT I'm beginning to think I'm a bit more than low maintenance. I like what I call my creature comforts- a hot shower daily, a flushing toilet, my computer, my TV, my craft room, and my cell phone. Is that too much to ask? So, off we go camping. I'm taking my camera and the water housing so maybe I'll find some fun stuff to take pictures of. Gotta remember to pack the sunscreen! No more burns for me this year.

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