Saturday, December 1, 2012

Secret Sister Christmas Swap

I'm  friends with a great group of girls and we're doing a christmas swap this year.  My partner was Brittany.  (she blogs here: Yesterday's Echo, and sells her cool stuff here: in her Etsy Store)  She's really girly and I was at a loss as to what to make since I'm NOT girly in any way!  So... looking for inspiration, I dug into my bead box.  In it, I found a lone B double strand sterling piece.  It was screaming to be loved, so I had to use it.  An idea was born.  THEN, looking thru my beads, I found a few packs of green, blue, and pink czech glass beads.  My swap item was coming together.  I looked in my clasps and found the sterling heart clasp for the bracelet.  Random, why did I have a 2 strand clasp just hanging out?  So, that got taken out and added to my pile of supplies.  Then I decided to use wire wrapping.  I love doing it.  The end result is so elegant.  Not being able to stop at the bracelet since I still had beads left over, I also made a necklace.  Oh, and THAT clasp was in my stash.  Yep, I'm a hoarder.  LOL

Brittany's Bracelet

Brittany's Necklace

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