Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas Adventures.....

So, we're in San Diego (until the 29th) visiting with Greg's sister (Kristi) and her fiance (Trevor) (they're getting married in October 2009). We decided christmas night to get up early the day after and go to a casino out in Temecula (Pechanga to be exact) and then wine tasting. There was a poker tournament at 10 so we left at 8:30. Got there in plenty of time to register and then Kristi and I found a black jack table to spend some time at. The guys went up to play poker and we each sat down at a $10 table with $100. Kristi got her butt handed to her pretty quick and was down to $40 or so left within 6 hands. Yes, I did say 6- she didn't win a single hand. I was doing ok- I think I was down to about $70 or so. THEN 2 spots opened up at the $5 table next to us. We jumped tables and started play there. Kristi didn't fare so well there- she was broke by 11. I was up and down. At one point I had my $100 back plus $40 and was going to walk away when I got back down to $100- BUT then I had to double down which took some of my money out of the $100 and it just went downhill from there. Trevor got busted out of the poker game shortly after she lost her money at the table. I lost all my money but walked away with 7 $.50 pieces- I keep them while I'm playing so I know how many blackjacks I got- so, I got 7 and still walked away piss poor! After I busted out I went to find Greg and see if he was still in. Well, he busted out of the poker game too just about the same time I was broke. We TOTALLY suck!

After casino time came lunch and wine time. We went out to Ponte Winery out in the middle of NOWHERE and had a grubbin lunch- I got a pizza and it was DELISH! I love pizza anyway but this one was REALLY good. Then we went in to taste wines. I'm always the designated because I don't really like wine much. So, we get up to the bar to taste and it was $12 for 6 tasters. Not too bad. Trevor thought he kept getting gyped on the pours- no clue why- but I started watching and sure enough he was getting screwed. It was pretty funny. After Ponte we went to South Coast Winery- it's supposed to be the best winery in all of CA- OMG! I don't know what standard they used to determine that crap. It sucked. It was $12 for only 5 tasters and their wine was not that good (yes, I did take a sip here and there). We finished up there and they wanted more wine so we went to La Cereza where they had tasters $10 for 6 or $15 for 6 there and 6 at another. I told my drunkards this and they didn't hear me- apparently they all had alcohol ears by this point. Here they at least offered the DD (Dumb Driver) a bottle of water. So, I'm sitting there drinking my water and they're getting more and more trashed. Conversations were happening WAY too loud that should NEVER take place outside the home! We finished there and then went to "just one more" , Maurice Car'rie and it was $10 for 6 there also. We could have saved $5 per person (that's $15 total) had we just bought the 2 winery thing. OMG! So, by this point I'm pretty bored- they're pretty trashed and I'm ready to head out. I enjoy wine tasting for a few hours but after that I'm bored off my butt.

We headed back to LaJolla for Sushi on the Rock. I was driving, at night, in a town I don't know, in the dark (I have BAD night vision), and people DO NOT know how to drive down here! OMG! I almost ran people off the road- why do people not drive 85? We do in northern CA! So, we get to sushi. I had a freakin' panic attack! No idea why- PISSED ME off more than anything else. We had dinner, they got drunker, confessions were made (not sure I want to put them here just yet, I'm still processing), people cried (not me!), restaurant patrons stared at us. All in all it was pretty funny looking back on it.

So, I drove my trashed charges home. Greg crashes out, Trevor is in the bathroom yakking, Greg gets out of bed to yak and doesn't make it so he sprays his sister's walls and floors, she's trashed and cleans it up while yelling at Trevor to get out of the bathroom (not knowing he was yakking), all the while I'm laying in bed laughing my butt off. It really was funny. Is it wrong that I have no compassion for people who are drunk? I mean, really, they do it to themselves- why should I clean up after them? I chose not to get all trashed.

So, now it's almost 10 on saturday and the drunk boys are sleeping off the hang overs. I need to get a shower because we're going to go out to the Taco Shop and have some amazing mexican food- at least that's what I've been told.

Fun times in San Diego that's for sure!

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Tracy said...

Such an adventure!!!
San Diego is close to me! Well an hour... but much closer than way up north where you live!!!