Saturday, April 27, 2013

Emily's Taggie

My "fake friend" Angie is having a little girl in a few months.  Today is her baby shower and I'm not able to go so I mailed her present to the party.  I made her a taggie from left over fabrics from Ally's quilt.  I LOVE the pinks and the bugs.  I was super glad that I could use those fabrics because they're perfect for a taggie.  Nice and soft flannel.  :)  I put 5 "tags" on each side and appliqued her name on the back.  Anyway, here's Emily's taggie.

I hope Angie has an awesome shower today and I can't wait for her to have her little sweetness.  :)

My sisters quilt.......

I made a HUGE quilt for my sister.  She was clearing out her fabric stash since she hasn't been sewing for a while.  (She's moved onto knitting.)  I was the beneficiary of her stash.  :)  I love fabrics and she only buys the nicest.  No walmart fabric for her!  Anyway, she had this gorgeous bee fabric in her stash that a friend had given to her.  Since she's a bee keeper, I KNEW I had to make SOMETHING for her.  So, I decided to make a quilt.  I only had 2 yards to work with and no quilt I've EVER made is made with 2 yards of fabric!  I used excel to lay it out and figure out how many squares of each color I would need.  With that information, I was ready to go!  I had to start finding fabrics to go with the pretty bee fabric.  I found sparkly lavender, solid purple, gray, and a buttery yellow.  All the colors worked perfect with the bee print.  They call came from Joann's too.  The ladies at the cut counter ooh'd and ahh'd over the bee fabric while they helped me with the matching.  I took it back in and showed it off to them after I finished it.  Anyway, the backing is the 108" wide flannel from Joann.  I needed it to be 117" AT LEAST since I had planned on doing a wrap around binding on it.  So.... the stripes on the back were born.  I used up every last scrap of fabric that I could on this one.  I have a SMALL ziplock of left overs.  I tied the layers together with lavender pearlized cotton thread and ended up having to bind it after all since I didn't have enough left on the edges to fold over 2 times.  I used the quilt binding (NOT satin) from Joann's too.  Yep, they've got it all.  :)  Without further ado- here's the quilt that took me 6 months to make and ended up at 117"x117"!