Friday, August 2, 2013

Ally's Story Blocks

Ally's 2nd birthday is coming up FAST.  I have no clue what to get a 2 year old.  She has everything.  Seriously, a play room full of toys, closet full of clothes, bin full of shoes, people who love and adore her.  What the hell do I get for her?

I was playing on searching for birthday present ideas on Pinterest and came across these great story blocks.  I figured they were easy enough to make that I could do them during nap times.  I already had blocks (from another project that I found on Pinterest and didn't do), I have a crap tonne of stickers (hardly ever scrapbook anymore so I have LOTS of those laying around to be used), I have Mod Podge (in several formulations), I have scrapbook paper (again, I hardly ever scrap anymore so I have lots of that too), I just bought a pack of new foam brushes (used a coupon, of course), and I have several cans of spray acrylic to coat it all with.  I was good to go.  So, I made Ally a box of Story Blocks for her birthday.  The idea behind them is that you roll 1 or more (I made 9 because that many fit in the box) and then you make up a story with whatever is facing up.  Gets the creative juices flowing and there are LOTS and LOTS of different stories you can make up with 54 different images!  Yes, I teach math.  No, I didn't figure out the permutations.

I found an old cigar box that I scored for free many many years ago.  Can't have my kid walking around with cigar brands right?  So, I covered all the logos and stuff up with paper and words.  The inside got some teal mermaid paper that I've been saving for who knows how long.  The bottom got a nice velvet liner to make it all pretty.

Hope she likes them and doesn't decide to throw them at the cats or thru a window.  :)