Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crafty Saturday

I spent my WHOLE day today being crafty. My craft room is a mess and I wasn't even working in there! I was working in the dining room on the pool table.

So, here's what I made today:

A reusable cup insulator in a SUPER cute turtle fabric.

Another reusable cup insulator in a teal and lime paisley kinda pattern.

I restrung a bracelet for a friend to give as a gift.

I made a "taggie" blanket as a baby shower gift for a fellow teacher.

Baby shower card for fellow teacher (goes with the taggie)

A mother's bracelet for the daughter of a fellow teacher.

A Birthday card for my brother

I also got most of another cup insulator done but ran out of felt. Guess I get to go buy some insulbright tomorrow. :) I love crafty shopping.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Snow Hat

I have this OLD snow hat I got @ J.Crew like seriously 15 years ago. It's fleece with a drawstring top so I can put my ponytail thru (when I have longer hair) and I absolutely love it. I bought 2 when I got it actually- one brick red, one black. For a long time I've wanted to make one. Well, now that I have a sewing machine and love trolling the fabric bins @ Joann's I have NO reason not to make it. So, I took my original hat and drew a pattern off of it onto a big piece of paper. I dug through my scraps and found a chunk of striped fleece. Then I traced the pattern onto my fleece and cut it out. I stitched it together once and realized that it needed to be stitched different, so I ripped out all the stitches and REDID it correctly. Then I threaded a ribbon thru the top and tied it and it's done. I really like it and will probably wear it for school tomorrow. Yes, my kids will laugh at me, do I care? Not really. I have a fancy new snow hat (with no snow but lots of rain).

The "inspiration" hat

My hat

My fancy new hat on me!

Oh yeah, I also learned how to do an overcast stitch and a blind hem on my machine AND used 2 different feet! I learned LOTS today! I started out the day making valentines, moved on to fabric coffee cup sleeves (to replace the cardboard ones from starbucks) but then Greg threw out my cup I was using (have to get another tomorrow- darn :) ) for a model. So, then I moved onto my hat. There I have ended the craft explosion of the day.