Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Web Wandering

Today I was randomly roaming the web (as I tend to do since I can't stay on a topic for very long) and I came across a few really cool pages! One of them is Sally Jean's Think Pad page- the girl is AMAZING and truly an inspiration to me. The jewelery and stuff she makes is beautiful and very vintagey, which has an appeal to me eventho I like to have bright and blingy stuff too. The other belongs to a great gal in the UK named Vicki, she blogs at A Work in Progress and she does some really cool digiscrappy stuff. Her designs are gorgeous and they're a free download! Watch for her- she's going to be an up and coming new artist. Makes me want to get into digi just to use her things! Oh the inspiration I have. I hate that I can't just stay on topic and do one thing. I seem to have to try out everything that's out there and then acquire stuff to do it all. My dad and I want to start making my own glass beads too. Yet ANOTHER thing for me to play with. One day I'll be rich and won't have to work and then I can play all day at my crafty stuff and have fun. Right now I'm wondering how I'll ever get anything done that's crafty when school starts again (in a MONTH!) since I spend most of my day playing with my crafty toys. Yes, I do use all of the crafty toys that I own! Now, I'm off to figure out dinner!

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