Friday, July 25, 2008

Camping Update

So, I survived the camping experience. We actually had FLUSH toilets so I survived the toilet issue. I did not however, get to take a shower until we got home tonite! It was one of the best showers of my life! OMG! Here are pictures of our trip. I posted them at flickr because it takes so long to upload to blogger (and I have 32 of them)- ENJOY!

We kayaked everyday, I read an entire book, got to eat marshmallows and hotdogs cooked over an open fire and cereal straight from the box. Roger and June camped with us Wednesday night and left Thursday night because their air mattress went flat and they ended up in the middle of it for most of the night. It's a good thing they left because our camp was visited by a bear last night. It got into our ice chest (which was RIGHT next to their tent) and ate my cheese, yogurt, hot dogs, and left over burgers. He pulled a full half gallon of Lactose Free milk out of the ice and tore it open and dumped it all over where Roger and June's tent was. At least he won't get sick from the lactose in milk! LOL He didn't like the butter so much nor my peaches, onions, or limes. Strange bear. He also didn't mess with the eggs which were in the top bin and sausages which were underneat the top bin. He did puncture my rubbermaid container (I could kill him for that) but left the snapware, containing carrots and celery, alone for some reason. We had all kinds of canned and bagged foods in the Sequoia with us and he didn't mess with us at all. The camp host said that a truck in the same campground had their door ripped off because they had an ice chest inside. Guess we got lucky!

Greg caught a fish on Tuesday afternoon from his kayak. He said he had 2 more but they got off the hook as he was trying to get them into the kayak. Roger went and got him a net and he used it Wednesday and today but didn't get any that were big enough to eat. Yesterday he got a 6" one and let it go because it was too small. Today he got one and it got away as he was trying to get his net around. He'll figure out how to kayak fish eventually- then we'll feast on trout!

I had a good trip but it's GREAT to be home! Mr. Kitty missed us and told us all about his adventures when we got him. He was quite unhappy with the fact that we'd been gone for 3 days!

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