Wednesday, August 26, 2009

school's in

So, as if my blogging wasn't infrequent enough, school is back in session and I haven't been a good blogger. Nothing of note to talk about. Just rants: insurance increases, pay decreases, kids who don't do their work, kids who won't be quiet, parents who enable their kids to be lazy and not do their work. You know, the usual. That's about it. Summer is over. I have 36 weeks of work (well, now 34.5 at this point) until summer shows up again. The time will go by VERY fast, it always does. I'll be another year older (for those who are counting, I'll be 36 in April), Greg will be one more year toward his culinary arts degree and another year older. I will have TWO nieces. That's about it. Life seems to be flying at full speed these days! I'll try to be a better blogger this school year but I can't bitch about school because who knows who will read this and I don't need to get my butt in a sling. Thanks for following along with my slice of reality. Wish I had more I could blog about but I got nothin. :)