Tuesday, December 11, 2007

yesterday and today

This is the pic from yesterday- it's my honey- I was trying to get the green of his eyes to show up but it didn't work- just made the whole pic b&w.  Still a good picture.  I didn't upload yesterday because it would have involved getting up out of my lazy boy recliner, dumping the cat off my lap (he's so toasty warm), and getting out from under the blanket and then searching for the download cable.  So, you get the picture today.

Today's picture of the day- my front entry way with christmas lights up.  This is what my honey and I spent Sunday doing.  The lights go ALL THE WAY around the house along the roof line.  I tried to get the whole front of the house but it didn't turn out since we have cars in the driveway and it's just blurry since it's so dark out. 

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