Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas & boxing day

This one is from Christmas Day- it's a bracelet that I took apart and changed around for my mom.  I took apart another bracelet for the beads that I used on this one.  The original beads were amber, teal, lime, and black.  Didn't really work for her.  I spent most of Christmas Day beading at my parents place.  Not to complain- it's something I really love doing so I enjoyed myself.  I think Greg might have been a bit bored at times but I had fun being with my family.

This is for Boxing Day (British thing).  One of my neighbors goes a little overboard when it comes to Christmas lights!  I really enjoy going by this place every year- it makes me smile.  Off to the right (not in the picture) are about 5 different blow-up things.  CRAZY amount of electricity being used here!  Hate to have their bill- ours is high enough.

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StudioL6 said...

Love the bracelet very classic and classy!