Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Piper's Quilt & Stuff

My sister had a baby in February.  I wasn't sure what to give/make/get for her.  It's taken me this long to finally figure it out.  I made her a quilt.  Surprise huh?  LOL  Anyway, I got a tumbler (trapezoid) die that works in my sizzix so I didn't have to sit there and cut out endless trapezoids.  They're a bit smaller than the template I made.  The template made a 5" finished tumbler.  The die makes a 4" finished tumbler.  The corners match up SO MUCH better when you use something that's uniformly cut!  I was able to cut all the tumblers for this quilt in under 30 min!  Yes, that right, one episode of Dora! 

Anyway, I wanted to do pink for her since Piper is her first girl.  I found the great fabrics at my favorite store- Joann's.  I love the combination of pink and brown and white too.  I hesitated with the white but I think it works.

 The front of Piper's quilt

 The back of Piper's quilt

 Piper's taggie

 reverse of Piper's taggie

Piper's burp cloth made from scraps from her quilt..  The back is white flannel.

I love making baby quilts and stuff.  They go so fast and always turn out adorable.  :)

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