Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pinterest Crayons

Such a brilliant idea.  Such a horrible craft failure.  I saw a great use for old, broken crayon pieces.... make them into new crayons in twist up containers!  So, I jumped online, ordered 100 lip balm containers (can't call them "chapstick" since it's a name brand, whatever) with lids in anticipation of making this great project.  The days dragged by while I waited for them to come.  I collected up all the old crayons I could from school, the diaper bag, my office drawers.  I peeled the crayons.  I broke them into pieces.  THEN the containers came!  Oh joy!  I was sooo excited to get started.  I put the crayon pieces into dixie cups, thinking I'd melt them in the microwave.  Really, why SHOULDN'T they melt there?  They melt in the car, in bags, in the dryer.  After 3 min on high, the wax wasn't even soft!  So, then I put them into a "water bath" inside another container.  Well, that was a MAJOR fail.  The crayon melted all right, but it came out of the (now soggy) dixie cup all over into the container.  Luckily I used a junk container anyway.  Not to be defeated by stupid crayons, I went back to the drawing board.... I decided to use the oven.  So, the dixie cups went into a muffin tin.  I had 12 colors, muffin tins have 12 places to put stuff.  Coincidence?  I think NOT! 
 Before melting the crayons in the oven.

 Into a 225 oven they went.  After 20 minutes my crayons weren't melted!  Seems like it happens MUCH faster than that when they're in the car!  Not to be defeated by the now pissing me off wax, I started thinking again.  Maybe water is what was needed again.  I wrapped the bottoms of the dixie cups with foil (no cup failures due to soggy cups this time!) and added water around the base.  So far, so good.  Into the oven they went. 


  Into the chapstick lip balm containers it went.  
I rubber banded 3 together to give them some stability.

After the crayons cooled, I turned one to get it to rise.  Um, nope.  Not moving.  It actually broke the turney thingie.  Yep, no bueno.  I thought about it and put them in the freezer for a few hours.  After I froze them, I tried another and another, all with the same results.  So... I have decided that this is a TOTAL fail.  I took the "crayons" out of the containers and put them back into dixie cups to remelt later in a silicone form.  

I really hate crayons.

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