Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ally's Quiet Book

This quiet book has been bouncing around in the back of my head for quiet some time.  Ally's still a bit young to play with it but I figured I had time this summer, so why not make it.  Right?  After I made her bedroom stuff, I finally had time to work on it but knew I didn't want to do it out of felt.  100% wool felt is pretty pricey and I can't get it anywhere locally, only online.  So, I turned to vinyl.  I found some GREAT bright colors of the fun stuff at Joann's.  Most of this book is from things in my stash.  The only stuff I had to buy to make this book was the vinyl and the grommets for the binding.  I even had the rings!  Everything is machine sewn too.  I've linked tutorials and ideas that I used.  If I didn't give proper credit and you know who it belongs to, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it!  Thanks!  :)

The cover of Ally's quiet book.  I used white vinyl that I cut on my cricut for her name.

The barn came from here, I used some GREAT wood grain fabric I had in my stash that a friend sent me last year.

The braiding page came from here, I used some poly rope type stuff I had in my stash.

This idea is from here, I got the beads at Joann's and cut the vinyl with SCAL and my Cricut.
(anyone know how to turn an image?)

The pocket idea is from here, I used a pocket off a pair of old jeans and appliqued a turtle from the background fabric to the front.  I like to put a little stuffed bunny in the pocket for Ally to find.

The zipper page is loosely based on a page found here, I picked these up for 50 cents each on clearance at Joann's years ago.  More stuff from my stash!  :)

These 2 pages are my own design (yes, I know, I'm BRILLIANT, right?  LOL.)  There are lots of ideas out there for these. 

Of course, I had to have a tic tac toe page and a button the flower page!  The tic tac toe pieces can also be used for matching practice.  There are 2 of each and they store neatly in the cool orange envelope.

The flower page has 9 flowers and the extras store in the "grass" pocket.

The dryer page idea came from here, I used vinyl and velcro instead of felt.  

The weaving page idea came from here, I used ribbon instead of felt.

The back cover is just like the front but no writing.

I used this tutorial for the binding.  The pages started out on an 11x12 piece of osnaburg.  The backgrounds are all cut 9 1/2 x 12.  I folded over 1/2" on the edge that wasn't going to get stitched and used fusible webbing to iron it down well all around the edges and in the middle.  I sewed everything thru the background and osnaburg.  I stitched the front and back of pages together with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Then I top stitched it all together too.  The binding part is done measuring 1/4" from the bound edge and stitching, go another 1/4" in and do another line, go in 5/8" and do another line, and a final line another 1/4" from there.  I used my crop a dile to punch the holes and set 1/4" grommets.  Easy peasy!  Then found some binder rings in my craft cave to hold it all together.

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Liz said...

Love it!!! It came out fantastic. Keep it to Christmas for her.