Sunday, February 7, 2010


I made SIX taggies the other day. I can't seem to quit making them. I LOVE it! My mom's cat Carter loves them as well. I have to make one for him out of scraps I have kicking around.

Polka dots

Red Monster Fleece- I LOVE this fabric and might have to buy a yard or so of it just to have on hand. :)

Gecko fleece made for a teacher @ my mom's school.

Flowers and Flutterbys- I bought this as a remnant and LOVE it!

Flower Garden- another remnant I got. I'm a sucker for lime and flowers.

Big polka dot fleece. The "right" side is SUPER DUPER cookie monster fuzzy so I put that INSIDE. My machine does NOT like stitching over that stuff!


Tracy said...

oh my gosh i need to learn to sew! julian would LOVE one of these! he loves tags!

Erika said...

I LOVE your taggies!!! I've seen these all over the stores recently, they seem to be so popular!! Great job on them!

Regards to Napa...we really did enjoy our visit and we were lucky the weather cooperated! We did not visit Coppola but I love their wine! I'll have to check it out on my next visit (that we are already planning!). I hope you enjoy your bottle of Opus. For Valentines Day we opened a '95 vintage of Opus. I was really nervous that it would be horrible since it's so old. (I think they say the best time is 10 years.) ...but it was GREAT! Whew!!

Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

these are very cute. how did you make them? would i be able to hand sew them?

BrandiLynn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog,,,,yes I used vinyl to decorate my laptop. Its so easy and no mess!!!! I can remove it and make it "new" all over again when ever I want no sticky yucky sticker goobers :D