Thursday, June 25, 2009

blog revamp

Alright- I redid the background on this blog. All I need to do now is make a new header. How do people come up with ideas for headers? I want to use pictures but can't for whatever reason get it to size correctly. It's frustrating.

Oh well. Greg's mom bought some white pants the other day that she wanted me to sew the pockets shut on and remove the extra fabric. Apparently the pockets are too long for her preference and they are visible thru the leg of the pants. So... I told her I'd TRY to do but I wasn't too sure of my skills with the sewing machine. Well, I sat down last night, ran some white thread for a bobbin, and tried it. It didn't end well so I ripped out the seam. Greg asked me what the problem was and when I told him the fabric bunched up when I was trying to sew it because it was kinda in the seam. He said it didn't seem to be such a difficult thing to do and went in there AND DID IT NO PROBLEM! WTF? How does he do this? He said I can take credit for it but there's NO WAY I'm going to do that- he did it. I'm proud of him. Hopefully, when I make my dress for his sister's wedding he can save me when I get stuck and frustrated on it.

Summer vacation is here! I've made 3 bags and several pieces of jewelry. I made my necklace and earrings for greg's sister's wedding. I love the crystal starfish pendant so I made it around that. Here ya go for your viewing pleasure:

I've also been busy making cards- I made 3 graduation cards, 2 father's day cards, and a birthday card. I've been totally LOVING the tri-shutter card tutorial. It's getting easier to make and everyone LOVES the final outcome. :) I'll post pictures later.


AHadley said...

LOL, I had to laugh at your dh sewing the pants! Isn't that just like a husband :)

Scrappinraiderfan said...

Awesome blog! SO cute, love the half eaten donuts! Your jewelry is gorgeous.

All Star said...

I have a tutorial bookmarked at office about how to recreate your blogger header at the right size and get rid of those stupid outlines but I won't be back in my office until Monday. I will try to send it over. Love the other stuff you’ve done.

Nina said...

tiffany, love you new blog look... lol.. .maybe it's my love for those little round sweet things in life!! you starfish pieces are beautiful and I bet just lovely on!! I have left you a blog award back on my blog so stop by and pick it up... it's for "great attitude and gratitude"!! love seeing all your creatations... they are all lovely!!