Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pretzles and Chacos

Two of my favorite things in the world in the same day? Could it be? I came home from work to find Greg making me soft pretzels. No, not the kind you get at the grocery store. The kind that come from a bag of flour and love. They are SO super yummy! He put garlic salt and parmesean on them and OMG! To die for! Of course I had to have one before we could go. Hot and fresh from the oven. Is there anything better? Ok, well, maybe fresh gelato in Italy but I haven't experienced that yet. I plan to find out one day.

After we enjoyed our pretzels we went to a Stockton thunder hockey game. Got free tickets from school so we had to go- cheap? Heck yes we're going! So, we decided to go out to eat before the game. We went to BJ's and I had a stupid panic attack. I know, totally lame. BUT I got over it with a little help from my xanax (bad, bad, bad) and was able to eat a little bit of my delish soup. After we left we had a bit of time to kill so we walked over to REI. Yes, we are poor and trying to save money BUT they had 50% off their clearance prices! I HAD to go in and look! Of course I head straight up the stairs to the shoes (what girl doesn't?) and promptly find a pair of chaco's. Yes, it's january and been raining for 3 days, BUT I MUST BUY CHACO'S when I find them on sale. I found a pair of green ones, we're talking the prefect shade of green. They were originally $95 marked down to $44 and then 50% off of that! How could I pass that up???? THEN I found a pair of brown ones like the blue ones I have worn for the past 4 years. Those were also marked $44 but when I got to the register they weren't half off. So, I left with ONE pair of GORGEOUS green chacos for $25. I wanted to put them on right then and there but knew I'd freeze my little toes off at the hockey game. SO this morning bright and early I popped out of bed and adjusted them to my feet and have them on right now. I LOVE THEM!

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Carrie said...

Those are hot shoes! What a great deal!! :) My friends and I were totally obsessed with making hot pretzels for awhile, but we lost the awesome recipe we had - I think it was a knock off of Auntie Ann's recipe. Will have to check out that Alton Brown one.. yum!