Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Treasure Chest

My cousins daughter recently turned 7.  She wanted a treasure chest.  I looked around the web and found some DIY kits.  Kits are so impersonal.  I decided I could do better and make it personalized for HER.  I started with a trunk from Joann's (found it cheaper at Hobby Lobby after it was bought, not worth returning for a few bucks) that I used a 50% off coupon on.  I got everything 50% or more off!  Yes, I'm a coupon gal.  Never, EVER pay full price for ANYTHING if you can avoid it.  This whole thing came in at well under $30.  Full price, would have been over $60!

I bought Glossy Accents to hold on gems and anything else she wants to add to it.  
This glue is my go to for anything not paper.  I love the stuff.  Seriously.

 Of course, if you're altering anything you need Mod Podge.  I got glossy because it's shiny and fun.

 Gotta have rhinestones of course!  The Glossy Accents is a fantastic glue for these!

Hearts are essential for any little girl!

Letters so she can put her name on it, or whatever else she wants to write.

 Gotta have foam brushes if you're using Mod Podge.

Glitter, the herpes of craft supplies, is essential as well.  
Pour some Mod Podge into a container, add glitter, mix, instant glitter paint!  
This little girl is a fan of blue so I got blue glitter.

Put it all in the box and wrap it up.

I forgot to put in a baby food jar to store the left over Mod Podge/glitter mixture and a few popsicle sticks to stir the mixture.  Her mom can get those and do that.

She LOVED it and is super excited to make her treasure chest.  :)

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