Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Dad's iPad 2 case

My dad just got an iPad 2. He LOVES it but needed a cover for it. Thus the birth of this "one hour" cover. Let me just tell you, it did NOT take an hour! I made it over 2 days (ran out of thread, ran out of velcro.) It would have taken me a full day of sewing to make it but I sew REALLY slowly. I also didn't have enough fabric to make the flap from the piece I quilted so I had to improvise and added on to it. I really like the way it turned out actually! Happy mistake there. :)

Both the inside and outside are quilted with warm and natural quilt batting. The outside is a solid blue cotton fabric and the inside is a soft blue mottled flannel. I LOVE it! There's a hidden jeans pocket (yes, from a real pair of jeans) that closes with velcro to hold all the cords and whatever. The flap folds over and secures with velcro to hold it shut and keep the iPad inside. I put a grab handle on it made from left over quilt binding from my quilt I made for Ally. I think it's manly enough to not be a "bag" but still VERY usable. The handle can also be slung over a door knob. Not having an iPad to actually make it around, I hope it fits when I give it to him!

Outside of the iPad2 case

Opened up to show off the lining and hidden pocket

Close up of the pocket I added

I really like this little tote and think I might just make one for myself eventho I don't have an iPad. it's neat. I've never done anything with the jeans pockets I took off the TONS of pairs of jeans I used for Ally's rag quilt. I have plans for SOME of the pockets but I have almost 30 pockets to use!

I loosely used the tutorial from One Shabby Chick to make this tote. I had to call dad to find out the exact dimensions of his iPad and ended up trimming down the fabric a bit to make sure it all fit properly. I made the outside 1/4" larger all around because of the bulk of the layers of batting and fabric. I also stitched the flap to the lining and then shoved it inside the outside and stitched those together. I used stitch witchery to hold the tops down so I could stitch them together. I don't like the whole "leave a hole to turn the whole thing right side out" and prefer to make complete bags and then fold over and sew the tops together.

Thanks for checking out my iPad tote. If you'd like one email me! :)

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Holly Young said...

Love that case, you did a fantastic job!!!!!!!! You should sell them on ebay or etsy!