Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Blanket for Kristi

Months ago I found this great "soft and comfy" pink heart fabric at Joann's in the remnant bin. I had no clue what I would use it for but I had to get it. So it sat in my stash for a while. Then I found out my sister in law was having a little girl and her nursery is pastels. Hello! What better time to use the fabric? I got some white dot "soft and comfy" to go with it and added in some light weight batting. I finished out the blanket with satin blanket binding. I used variegated pastel thread for the quilting and to stitch on the binding. I only quilted the long lines on this blanket because my squares don't match up well at all and I didn't want to try free form on my very first project. So, it's not nearly as puffy, fluffy as it could be but it's cute and cozy and SUPER DUPER soft.

Front side

Folded over so you can see both front and back


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Super cute & priceless since you made it!!!