Sunday, May 31, 2009

New stuff I made

So, I made this great anklet out of some fish beads I loved and bought but didn't know what to do with. It's made from glass fish in alexandrite AB and wire wrapped with sterling silver wire. The clasp is just a lobster claw that hooks into a rope looking ring. It's super light weight and I don't even realize I have it on! Alexandrite is pretty cool too- it changes between blue and purple based on the lighting.

I also made a tote bag for Kylie's 1st birthday. I know- she's one and doesn't need a tote but I got her some SUPER cute books and wanted to put them into something and the fabric I got was ADORABLE so I had to make it. Hopefully it'll be around for a while to come. I envision her using it for dance class with her ballet shoes in it. Like the other bags I've made it's reversible.

I have more fabric to make more bags with but the next ones are going to have to wait until I get more pelon. I think I'm going to add a ribbon to tie it closed at the top. It would be able to work even if the fabric gets flipped inside out too! Version 2.0 of the Tiffany bag. Not like others haven't already come up with this idea. Whatever. :)

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