Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I got the scoop from someone- can't remember who- that sephora has a b-day gift for ya 2 weeks before the day and 2 weeks after. I went in on Sunday and told them that I got an email (you have to sign up to be an "insider") that I could pick up my b-day gift. The super nice cashier handed over 3 lip glosses! LOVE IT! So, girls- go sign up! Who doesn't love free lip gloss?


Tracy said...

shut up! that's so cool!!! do they confirm your birthday?! do you have to show them the email?!

Seaexplore said...

YEP- I'm not lyin. Pretty sweet huh? I thought about registering Greg too. What guy can't use some pink/bronze/red lipglosses?

Candace said...

Awesome! I only wish I had a Sephora around here. Thanks so much for the pencil tip. I never thought of that. Seriously, every 5 minutes someone has to sharpen their pencil and I can't stand talking over that dang sharpener! LOL