Saturday, March 28, 2009

nothing much

So, I'm bad at blogging. I'll say it now, I've said it before. I suck at blogging :)

Aside from that, nothing's really going on. I've been loving the warmer weather and counting down the days until school's out- we're down to 38 after Monday! Stupid state testing starts April 7. HATE IT!

Can't wait to get out on the lake and get some sun on my poor winter white skin. My roses are all budded out ready to pop, my tulips are coming up. Greg put in a veggie garden (almost- planted seeds and waiting for them to sprout). That's it. Nothing exciting at all in these parts.

Later. :)

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Good to finally read a blog from you!! :)
I'm lovin the warm weather and looking forward to having some sort of sunkissed glow... which for me, will more than likely be pink, but at this point I think it's better than pasty white!? hahahaa!!!

PS - I'm now craving donuts! LOL